Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What is it?

This is a tool that has been used for thousands of years. Write a three paragraph essay describing it. The first paragraph should describe what it looks like. The second paragraph should describe what it is used for. The third paragraph should tell a story about the object. Do not feel like you have to figure out what it is "for real". Make up whatever you would like, but make sure that it makes sense in terms of what the object looks like. Post your paragraph as a comment by Thursday, September 23 at 10pm. ALSO, read the writing of the person who posted just before you (if you are first, you may come back and ream whomever's you like), and be prepared to talk to them in class about it.


  1. This object looks like it took a long time to manufacture. It was made out of pure gold. It has a holding pin on it. This is a very durable tool for whatever it was used for. It has great detail to the artwork on it. Looks like it have an iguana on the top of it and some kind of writing on the flat part of it. It has two pointed ends and one round one. This object was carried by a strong person, because of all the gold its made of.
    In my opinion, this object looks like it was used to hold something in place. But, from the looks of it, it has many other purposes. Look like u can place something in the hole in the on the left side of it. On the flat part, looks like it was used as a chipper. It was a handheld item. U would grasp it on the top, by the head.
    This object was a very useful tool of some sort. However purchased this object was wealthy. People relied on this tool for thousands of years. In 2010, this object probably wouldn't be useful for anything. It would jus be a collector's item. This pure gold work of art work meant power.

  2. The most unique thing about this piece is that it possess a dragon head on the handle. It may be gold or guiled but regardless it has a lot of detail.Making me think it was a gift for someone rich.It also maybe very sturdy and heavy because of the gold.
    First off this ancient antique looks like an gold ice pick.It already has a handle and a long dull end.The handle looks as if it wasn't made to last though.Also if you reverse the grip it could be used to smash the ice.
    I believe this piece was made in China during the feudal era. It could have been for a family of the emperor or for himself.I'm think he hated having the ice pick so he threw it back at his disciples and it broke. That maybe the reason it is broken.

  3. The most interesting thing about this work of art is that its made of gold. So therefore, this piece is probably worth allot of money.It looks like it took forever to construct it. This piece was probably was used for various purposes.It has an opening where you could have firm grip on it.

    This object is used to iron clothes and pick ice. The person would first lay the object on hot coal and then wait till its warm and start ironing the clothes. The person would take the sharp end used it to break ice.

    The mysterious story about the object was that it was made by a blacksmith in Greece. This object was made during the reign of Alexander the Great. Since Alexander the Great was the conqueror of the world he was probably the first one to obtain it. Usually when a king conquers a country they would steal treasures. That's probably where they would acquire gold to create this piece of art

  4. Tyler Jones

    This piece of work is know for its hand crafted gold structure. By the look of it it dates back many years, judging by the tarnish in some spots. This piece has magnificent craftsmanship with the gold and the rope holding 2 pieces together.

    This piece of work was use as a candle holder. the user places a stick candle in the hole on the left side of it. It can be carried or placed on a mantel. This is a one of a kind piece.

    This piece right here is special not only because it was hand crafted and there is no other duplicate in the world, but because of its history. The piece was found in the basement of the whitehouse. People didnt know where it came from untill the found a note laying next to it. It read "take this and let you be the next holder of the sacred light." It turned out to be a gift from the native americans long ago and it had just been lost. Now it has been retured to the place it belongs

  5. This is a fine and mysterious object, although golden and cold to the tough, it looks as though it has some sort of animal head on the top left corner, below the head is what looks to be some sort of corse handle maybe used to carry it with. On the far side it has a circular hole were it looks like you would set a candle for seeing. Along the bottom it also has what looks to be some sort of pick, maybe something you would usew to hit someone with.

    This ancient object was used for those long dark nights in the olden days, before there was any lighting and you had to use candles to get around, well you cant very well use a candle base to hit a intruder over the head so, the pick on the bottom was used for this reason. When people would stroll their homes during the evening if they found someone lurking they could attack their intruder and potentially knock them out. This ancient relic was used for protection.

    This golden hero was used to be a guardian of the household. It is so well known because it saved a family from experiencing a horrible tragedy one night when an intruder decided to break in, in an atempt to get access to the youngest daughter. This younger gentlemen snuck through the down stairs living area and knocked over a vase, upon hearing this the father jumped out of bed grabbed the family guardian and ran down stairs, by this time the intruder had already made it to the childrens room and grabbed the little girl and was holding her down, the father ran in behind him and used the lower pick to knock him in the head, thus killing him. This one little action prevented this horrible intruder from possibly killing his younger daughter, thus saving his family from a horrible heartache that would have impacted everyone.

  6. The mysterious object has a gold texture covering the base of the object plus the handle. The section beneath the handle some what looks like thick bristles that you’ll find in a hair brush. The knob looking part on the left looks like you can twist it to make the object close. It looks hand-crafted and very ancient. From the observation of it being something old, it couldn’t have been used for much.
    It’s possible for it to be used as either a weapon or an old architecture type tool. The weapon could be some kind of stabbing object. Architecture wise, it would be used to measure something. Not exactly what, but possibly for reasoning the size of something.
    There was once a time when this mysterious object was used by the Great Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Hakeem Tahj-Abdul for several massacres. Every time a peasant reported to the Great Pharaoh without the correct amount of their weekly dues, it wasn’t a happy ending. He would personally dismantle the fingers off the hands of the irresponsible peasants and follow it with a furious blow to the neck through the left side to the right, severely crushing the throat. That always resulted in an instant death. His enraged punishment continued on until the death of him arrived. The people of the civilization united and voted after his reign ended to get rid of the painful punishment and peacefully begged for a reasonable extension. The law was passed and the Great Pharaoh’s legendary slaughter weapon was then buried along the body of his in his tomb.